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BKSA Kitesurfing Insurance UK | British Kitesports Association Damage Coverages

For people who take part in a sport that involves them sliding around in a variety of circumstances, British Kitesports Association (BKSA) is the ideal way of participating.

As a part of the organization, you automatically get the advantage of this association’s Public Liability and Casualty insurance. 

To know exactly what these covers are and how to read the policy terms and conditions that come with it, then check out the below article.

Public Liability Insurance

BKSA Kitesurfing insurance can provide you with the protection and financial reassurance that you need in order to participate in kiteboarding as a safer sport and as a participant of a social group.

The main types of BKSA insurance that will come to your aid and protection are Public Liability and Group Insurance. 

A public liability insurance is designed to cover the cost of third party injuries, occuring within a BKSA organized activity, and can also come into play following an injury sustained by an individual participant of the BKSA.

BKSA Kiteboarding Group Coverage

Group insurance is designed to cover expenses for more than one person to be taken care of during a single event. The terms of a group insurance policy can vary greatly depending on the kind of group that is going to require insurance coverage.
In general, BKSA group insurance is designed to provide compensation coverage for more than two people and can often include the provision of health benefits.

BKSA Equipment Damage Coverage (Kitesurfing Gear Insurance)

Public Liability insurance is what most people are familiar with as it comes as a standard element of BKSA policy. This policy type will cover costs for damage or injury to property caused by you or your fellow BKSA member.
While this coverage can help to protect you financially, it is important to note that it is not intended to provide any form of personal injury protection.
If you sustain an injury that is related to another participant of the BKSA and they carry insurance, they will only reimburse you for the price of the BKSA policy that you have purchased.
For those with serious injuries that cannot be covered by public liability insurance, you may need to invest in medical coverage, or contact a personal injury lawyer that is specifically trained in these types of matters.
The easiest way to get started would be to contact the BKSA directly.

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