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For the past few years, Tarifa has been a haven for kitesurfing fans. The warm sea, stunning white sands and world class water conditions have made this the ideal place in the Mediterranean to take part in this exciting sport. In the summer months, you can even find some pro kitesurfing teams in action at the famous Tarifa beach.

Tarifa Spots And Schools (The Red Waves)

There are several professional schools in the area. If you are thinking of taking part in kitesurfing at Tarifa, one of the most recommended schools is known as “The Red Waves”. It is home to many internationally competitive kiteboarders.

This is one school in the area that does not use traditional lessons, but instead relies on a one-on-one approach which includes practical demonstration from the student’s point of view.

Here, you will work with some of the best pro team instructors, along with other experienced kiteboarders to ensure that you learn the skills needed to compete at the highest level.

Practical And Theoretical Kitesurfing Classes

The Red Waves also uses a two-day school experience, which means that the students will get a taste of the ocean environment in a real classroom setting. This way, they will be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of kite surfing in a real sea environment.

In addition, they will be able to relate their experience to real situations during their professional kiteboarding training.

Group Training At Tarifa Bay

During their training, the students will take part in the Red Waves’ signature practice session. This practice session will involve the group going out into the warm waters of Tarifa Bay in order to build their skills.
As well as practicing their basic skills, the students will learn how to navigate their Red Waves kites in different water depths and conditions. At the end of this period, the students will also have the opportunity to fly solo in the calm waters of the bay.

Asides Tarifa, there are many beaches around the world that are ideal for kitesurfing. However, there is another beach in Europe that offers the same opportunity. Known as the Cote D’Azur in France, this beach has crystal clear waters, making it a perfect location for water sports.

Each day, the students are taught a new technique in this exciting sport. At the end of the school year, the group will be able to take a trip to the French region to participate in some advanced kite flying.

Tarifa Bay Map

Benefits Of Kitesurfing Classes In Tarifa

There are many benefits of enrolling in a Tarifa kitesurfing school. First of all, kitesurfing in Tarifa offers a great alternative to traditional surfing. These days, many people choose to use kitesurfing to get an adrenaline rush, and it is easier to become good at this sport. 

It is a unique experience where the participants learn how to manipulate the wind to get kites up and out of the water. This enables them to move quickly through the water and make impressive loops and turns.

Secondly, Kitesurfing in Tarifa is a great choice for beginners who are looking to take their first few steps into the world of kiting. Kitesurfing offers a fantastic form of exercise. It requires an incredible amount of physical strength and coordination. When participating in kitesurfing, these skills are learned and improved on every day.

It’s one of the few sports where you can improve your skills every day in a fun and challenging environment.

Other Water Sports in Tarifa

You’ll love Tarifa as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea. The stunning beach offers plenty of water activities for water lovers, which is one of the best things about Tarifa. If you want to learn more about kite surfing, then enroll in a kitesurfing school in Spain to get the knowledge and skills needed to become a pro skateboarder.

There are jet ski and wakeboarding competitions, as well as water-skiing, windsurfing, catamaranning and kayaking.

How Is The Water In Spain And Tarifa?

The water in Spain is amazing and if you’re willing to put in some effort, you can really enjoy it. It’s like the playground of the Mediterranean. You can also visit the town of Palamos for cultural events and a great shopping experience.
If you don’t know anyone who has tried kiteboarding before, then you should definitely introduce yourself. Many people who never even considered kitesurfing before have experienced the unique exhilarating experience.

Imagine being able to float through the air while feeling the gentle wind blow through your hair. Imagine grabbing a kite as if it were a candy bar. Also imagine being able to move that kite as if it’s a puppet that is floating through the air on your shoulder.

No matter what your experience with water sports, the instructors in Tarifa will provide you with everything you need to enjoy a fantastic water sport. If you’re new to this area of Spain, you’ll probably feel right at home. If you’ve done it before, then you will understand why it’s such a popular destination for water sports. Whatever your skill level is, there’s a class for you.

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