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Best Kitesurfing Schools In Southeast Asia | Top Surfing In Asia

Some of the top kiteboarding locations in the world are in
Asia. Big kite manufacturers like Core, Carved, and Duotone call it home. It
serves as the venue for events including the the IKA’s Kitefoil Gold Cup,
Kiteboard Tour Asia, and the TT:R Slalom circuits.

The kitesurfing scene in Asia is expanding at an

unprecedented pace, and new locations are constantly appearing. Numerous
European kiteboarders travel there during the winter months to take
advantage of the warm temperatures and consistent wind. 


Before we start listing the top 5 kiteboarding schools in Southeast Asia, we are first going to give you a few tips before you start your journey.

3 Tips In Preparing For Kitesurfing Classes

  1. Choose a location with consistent wind for your kitesurfing lesson.

It can be quite stressful and difficult to progress if you take a kitesurfing lesson in an area where the wind doesn’t quite often blow. The best scenario is to complete the first two or three days of your kiteboarding course on consecutive days or even as close to that as possible.


If you decide to take a kitesurfing class in an area where the wind blows just a few days a month, you will struggle to finish it because the conditions won’t be right on the days you are available.


  1. Look for a certified instructor.

Learning at a recognized kiteboarding school ensures that it will be covered by all necessary insurances and be governed by all applicable laws. Find a kitesurfing school that complies with all government-mandated insurances, instructor certifications, and other standards in order to be qualified to provide classes.


  1. Set reasonable objectives for yourself.

The learning process for kitesurfing takes longer than you might anticipate, and you must be persistent. The first day of kite school for a beginner usually consists of learning how and where to fly the kite, safety procedures, and other fundamentals in the sand. You can enter the water once you have established proper kite control.


It can be more difficult for some people than for others, so setting objectives for a specific period of time might not be the smartest move. You will learn how to kitesurf if you have patience and a skilled instructor.



Top 5 Kiteboarding Schools In Southeast Asia

While there are several kiteboarding schools in Southeast
Asia, not all of them may have the facilities and services you need. For those
who want to learn how to kitesurf, we have limited the field down to
5 outstanding and cutting-edge kitesurfing schools.


  1. Surfers Pro Surf School – Jeju (South Korea)

This school is located in one of South Korea’s top surfing locations, Jeju. A two-hour class and two-hour free surfing session are offered on the Jungmun beach to teach you how to surf. Your knowledgeable instructor goes over all the fundamentals, including how to catch waves, stand up on a board, and explain water safety as well as surfing etiquette.


  1. Kite Thailand – Rawai (Thailand)

One of the best spots in Thailand for kiteboarding is Phuket, a famous tropical paradise. Both beginner and advanced kiteboarders will have a great time kitesurfing in Phuket. This kite school in Phuket has two locations, and which one is open at any given time will depend on the weather. It’s a wonderful, easy area for beginners to learn in a laid-back environment because the spots are shallow, flat water, and open for kiteboarders without jet skis or speedboats.


  1. Bali Kitesurfing School – Sanur (Indonesia)

Bali is possibly the most well-known island in Indonesia since it is a perfect vacation spot with excellent surf, breathtaking scenery, wonderful beaches, and incredible culture.


You will be guided through the steps of familiarizing yourself with the equipment, setting the kite up, landing, launching, and self-rescue as a beginner. You will be riding the board and enjoying the sensation of soaring on the water by the end of their intermediate program.


  1. Kitesurf China – Haikou (China)

Whether it’s flying your first kite, jumping on a kiteboard for the first time, or progressing to more challenging techniques and stunts, they are committed to providing the best kitesurfing lessons. Lessons are offered in English, Russian, French, German, and Chinese at this one and only foreign-owned and operated kiteboarding school in China.


  1. Margarita Village Kalpitiya Kite School – Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka)

Aside from being a kite school, Margarita Village is also a hotel. Their accommodations are excellent and conveniently located near the kite zone. They also offer downwind and kite safaris to some of Kalpitiya’s top kite sites, including Dream Spot, Vella Island, and Kappaladi. They arrange individualized kitesurfing instruction with IKO-certified instructors, always in a highly secure setting.