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Best Kiteboarding Schools & Kitesurfing Camps in the World

Feeling stoked? Want to try kiteboarding? What better way to learn, and advance skills faster, as well as fully experiencing the excitement of the sport than by enrolling in one of the top kiteboarding learning camps in the world? 

Top Kitesurfing Camps Europe

Here are some top camps in Europe for your consideration.

Kitesurf Schools in Tarifa (Spain)

Located in Cadiz, Spain, Tarifa is one of the best kiteboarding spots in Europe to learn and practice kitesurfing. The wide beaches, nice weather, and all-year-round wind, all combine to form a perfect condition to enjoy your kitesurfing experience. Addict Kite School, Radi Kite Tarifa, and Kite Camp Tarifa are some of the preferred kitesurfing camps with IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and FAV (Federación Andaluza de Vela) licensed instructors in Tarifa. Here, different options of accommodations and lesson programs according to your preferences and budget is on offer. Here, the price per person is between €600 to €700 for 7 days.

Kiteboarding Camp in Vignanj (Croatia)

Viganj of the Peljesac Peninsula is one of the most renowned kitesurfing locations in Croatia due to its geography – sandwiched between Peljesac and Korcula in a narrow canal. Here, the speed of the wind is usually twice as fast when compared with the Adriatic. This provides a perfect kiteboarding condition, either for skill expression or learning. The Water Donkey Kitesurfing Center provides you with all levels of kiteboarding lessons in compliance with IKO standards. Price is from €500 per person for 8 days.

Another camp you might want to explore is the Neretva kiteboarding school in Croatia

Kitesurf Camp in Lagos (Portugal)

Located in Algarve, Portugal, the camp in Lagos is always a worthwhile experience. Compliments to its excellent round-the-year surfing conditions, beautiful beaches, and massive coastlines, Portugal is a recognized watersport hub in the world. Join spots like the Kitesurf Lodge and Tiny Whale Surf Lodge on the coastline of Algarve to hon your skills and advance your kiteboarding performance in a fun and safe environment. Also, at Algarve Watersport, lessons are taught by IKO-certified kitesurfing instructors in one of the best beginner spots in Europe, the Alvor Lagoon. Price is from €600 to €700 per week per person.

Kiteboarding Spots in Theologos (Greece)

The northwest coast of Rhodes, Greece (and the morning wind that blows at the beach of Theologos) offers ideal conditions for water sports activities. One of the most popular camps sited in Theologos is the WetSkillz Kite Center and Surf and Kite Theologos where advanced kitesurfers stay and enjoy the thrills of the Theologos beach, as well as beginners, are taught with the best equipment, the basics of kitesurfing by professional instructors. Price is set between €600 to €800 per person for a week.

Great Kitesurfing Spots in Fuerteventura in Corralejo (Canary Island, Spain)

Located in Fuerteventura of the Canary Island, this area is a unique holiday destination. It is perfect for water sports with kilometers of sandy beaches and reef breaks, pristine waters, and good weather all year round, offering excellent conditions for surfers. Lineup Fuerteventura is one of the camps sited at the heart of the Fuerteventura surfing and kiteboarding paradise scene. The price range is €$850 to €1000 per person for 8 days.

Camps for Kiteboarding in Malcesine (Italy)

A huge lake of fresh and flat water, Lake Garda in Malcesine, Veneto, Italy is a remarkable spot for kitesurfing. The reliability of the winds and the mild Mediterranean climate makes it a paradise for all surf enthusiasts. Kite Center Garda Lake is a renowned kitecamp that offers all-inclusive kite lessons from IKO-certified trainers with state-of-the-art kite equipment as well as amazing accommodations. Price of a week ranges from €850 to €1000 per person.

Kitesurf Schools in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries in the world for kiteboarding. With its coastline measuring well over 35,000 kilometers, the surfing conditions range from flat water lakes to waves and windy coasts. For beginners, the white beaches and flat waters make for the perfect place to learn. Safety Bay, one of the spots with the most consistent excellent conditions is home to few champion kitesurfers. For the joy of advanced surfers, most of the water lakes have downwinder spots, flat water spots, and beach break spots.

According to IKO, the best season for kiting in Australia is during the summer when all the South, Southwest, and East coasts have wind. In the winter, the Northeast coasts have amazing wind. On the Westcoast, the best season is from October to March. While the wind speed ranges from 10 to 40 knots, the water temperature range from 17-25 °C in the South, 20-24 °C in the West, and 23-27 °C on the Northeast coast.

You can find amazing kiteboarding schools all over Australia with many of them IKO affiliated, which guarantees high standards of training and safety. Depending on the lessons and packages, an average kiteboarding lesson costs between $35 to $80 per hour. 

Some of the best kiting spots in Australia include Safety Bay (Western Australia), Shoal Water Bay (Perth), Old Bar (New South Wales), Brighton Beach (Queensland), Noosaville (Queensland), Agnes Water (Queensland), St Kilda (Melbourne), and Margret River (Augusta).

Find out more in our article about kiteboarding lessons in Australia (Perth).  

Surf Camps in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands offer some of the best kiteboarding experiences in the world. The beauty of the Caribbean is that it truly has something for everyone excited about surfing; it’s an awesome place for beginners and experts alike. Each island provides gentle beach breaks for beginners and tubing reef breaks for the veteran surfer.

If you are already in the Caribbean or hoping to visit there anytime soon, here are some surf camps that offer premium surfing experiences through perfect kiting lessons and great accommodation.

These include the Sunset (Saint-François, Guadeloupe), Swell (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Cabarete (Cabarete, Dominican Republic) Flores (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Barrys (Oistins, Barbados), Macao (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic), and the Caribbean (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Surf Schools and camps. 

Do you want even more? Ok, here you go: 

Hooked Cabarete  (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), LG (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Jamnesia (Bull Bay, Jamaica), Wave Soul Retreats (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Surfer’s Point Guest House (Barbados), and the Bliss, école de surf (La Trinité, Martinique) kiteboarding camps and schools. 

Best Kiteboarding Locations for Beginners

First-rate surfing spots are not exclusively reserved for the expert and veteran kiters, beginners and learners are also entitled to the best life has to offer. Holding that line of thought, here are some of the world’s best kitesurf locations for beginners:

  • Tarifa, Spain: Tarifa is a paradise for beginners and advanced riders alike. Located on the southern tip of Spain, it is blessed with consistent winds and warm water.
  • Essaouira, Morocco: Essaouira is a bustling fishing harbor and one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. If you haven’t been here, it should be on your bucket list.
  • Red Sea, Egypt: Egypt is one of the world’s best kitesurfing destinations for beginners. With numerous kiting spots worth exploring, it suitable for beginners and expert alike.
  • Boracay, Philippines: Renowned for its white sandy beaches, flat water, consistent winds, and picture-perfect tropical climate, Boracay it a one-stop spot for beginners on the lookout for a location where relaxation meets adventure.
  • Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka: The Kalpitiya Lagoon is a great place to try kitesurfing for the first time. The broad length and width of this surface flat-water lagoon is sufficient to accommodate the inexperience of beginner kitesurfers.
  • Cabarete, Dominican Republic: Stunning with turquoise waters in Dominican Republic, Cabarete is regarded as their largest beach in length and width. It offers an excellent blend of flat water and waves for beginners, who are often advised to remain in close proximity to the shore, due to the dangers of the billows and swells of the breaking waves further offshore.
  • Le Morne, Mauritius: This site is ever windy due to the turbine effect created by the mountain of Brabant located on the shores of the Le Morne Kite Beach. Its huge flat lagoon, mild wave and choppy water give the perfect conditions for beginners.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: Here, Sotavento is perhaps the perfect and most appropriate beach for a beginner. While being the windiest, it offers the benefit of having both choppy and flat water making it a beginner and an expert kitesurfers’ haven.
  • Mui Ne, Vietnam: Due to its status as one of the kiteboarding mecca in Asia, this spot characteristically burst with activities involving several kiteboarding schools and kiters of all categories – beginners, intermediates to veterans. However, first-timers are restricted from surfing in the thick of the day but only in the morning, when the wind is less boisterous.
  • Cumbuco, Brazil: Considered the kiting capital of Brazil, Cumbuco has enough sunshine all year round and constant cross-shore trade winds. Although the surface end and flat-water lagoon by the shore is fairly okay for learners, south of the Cauipe Lagoon in Cumbuco is an exclusive reserve for them.
  • La Ventana, Baja California, Mexico: La Ventana is a small town by the coast of Baja. Its wind rate is exceptional and its turquoise-colored water, warm. Almost never crowded, this wide beach with easy launch and reliable side onshore winds is good for every surfer but excellent for learners. Dawn and evenings are mostly calmer, as such offers good kiting conditions for learners.
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania: The crystal-clear waters of this charming African island make it the place to be. Paje, southeast coast of Zanzibar, is a perfect kitesurfing spot with flat-water lagoons, reliable side-onshore winds, as well as choppy waves outside the reef making it perfect for beginners.

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