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Best Kiteboarding Lessons Near Me | Kitesurfing USA, Europe & Australia

Do you want to find good kiteboarding lessons near you? Then continue to read. Oh, and if you’ve already caught kitesurfing fever, here are some other suggestions if you want to find great kiteboarding lessons and schools around the world

Kiteboarding Lessons In the USA

Below, you find some top recommended spots for learning to kitesurf in the United States:


If you live around the Miami area and you want to acquire skills as a beginner, there are several places to enjoy lessons. Such places include Miami Kiteboarding, South Florida Kiteboarding, Miami Kitesurfing, TKS Miami Watersports, Coconut Grove Kiteboarding, Adventure Sports Kiteboarding School & Kayak Rental.

San Diego

San Diego, CA is a paradise for surfers of all kinds. With miles of vast beaches, calm bays, year-round warm water, and sweet Southern California breezes, surfing in San Diego is ever so exciting. 

For the best kite surfing courses in San Diego, CA you can visit Manta Wind & Water Sports, Pacific Surf School – San Diego, Kite Now,  Mission Beach Surfing School, JC Kiteboarding.

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Kitesurfing Lessons Bay Area (San Francisco)

There are numerous kitesurfing spots in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the Ocean Beach being one of the most popular as it offers a three-mile stretch of water for kitesurfer of all levels. While San Francisco has several kitesurfing companies that offer gear rental and surfing conditions updates to kitesurfers, many also offer kitesurfing lessons.

If you’re a beginner who wants to get more kiting skills, here are selections of most kitesurfing lesson providers in the Bay Area. 

Kite The Bay, Delta Windsurf, KGB Kiteboarding & Watersports, 101 Surf Sports, Wind Over Water Kiteboarding, Boardsports California, Kitopia Kiteboarding School, Calikites, Benicia Kite and Paddle Sports,  Edge Kiteboarding School, Kite415, Live2kite, SF Kitesurf.

Hawaii (Maui)

Maui is a tropical destination with excellent conditions for this watersport. It is often regarded as the world windsurfing capital of the world and one of the Meckas of kiteboarding. Being a place where wind-and-water sports enthusiasts put their skills to the test, there are several outlets for beginners to horn their skills. 

Several places to get kitesurfing lessons include Maui Kitesurfing School, HST Windsurfing & Kitesurfing School, Action Sports Kiteboarding School, Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons, Maui Sports Unlimited,  Kite HI – Kiteboarding Maui Hawaii, Complete Kite Boarding School, Maui Kite Riders, and Maui Kitesurf Company.  

Learn To Kitesurf In The UK

One of the most remarkable and exciting aspects of kitesurfing in the United Kingdom is its diversity. The variety of beaches and their respective conditions makes it one of Europe’s top destinations.

So if you’re anywhere near the UK  and you’re fascinated and interested in this extreme but thrilling watersport, you can learn and improve on your skills by enrolling in one of the following camps near you:

BEKS Kitesurfing (Brighton, East Sussex),  Kitesurf Centre (Camber, East Sussex), Nomadic Kitesurf (Calshot, Hampshire),  Northern Kites (Wallasey, Wirral), KET Kiteboarding (Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex), Easy Riders (Poole, Dorset). 

As if that was not enough, here are a few more highly rated schools: 

LearnToKitesurf (Worthing, West Sussex), Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre (Portsmouth, Hampshire),  Tide Watersports Kitesurfing School (Margate, Kent), CBK Kitesurfing (Hayling Island, Hampshire).

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Kiteboarding Lessons Australia (Perth)

Perth in Australia is a world-class destination for this sport with unlimited options ranging from the Indian Ocean, the Swan River to several spots with the perfect combination of wave break and reliable winds along the coast of Perth. If you’re around Perth City, you can check out the following top sites:

  • Pinnaroo Point: This is a common spot sited north of the Hilarys’ river. It is a favorite place for both local and international kitesurfers. While it’s a great spot for intermediates and professionals, if you’re a beginner, don’t surf here alone because of the wild side-shore winds and subterranean water.
  • Fremantle: The Northern and Southern segments of the Fremantle provide brilliant spots. Its strong gusty sea breeze experienced mostly in the afternoon makes this spot excellent for kitesurfing. The most popular spots here include Woodman Point. Leighton Beach and Port Beach.
  • Melville Beach: Located few kilometers south of Perth City, Melville beach is one of the best spots for beginner kitesurfers. While the winds can get gusty, the water is shallow hence safer if you’re still learning to be self-dependent.
  • Rottnest Island: This Island offers you some of the most stunning beaches in Western Australia and kiting conditions here are best for intermediate to experienced kitesurfers. While Salmon Bay is regarded as the best spot for its outstanding surfing conditions, Bickley Bay is quite the most famous and
  • Lancelin: This is another excellent spot with several sites extending from flat water to massive 5-meter waves. Although you’ll prefer Lancelin Jetty and Beach if you’re an expert, Lancelin Island is generally regarded as the perfect place for beginners.
  • City Beach: Located northward about 10km away from Perth City This spot has a significant beach break and sturdy thrashing waves. It is only suitable for expert and intermediate kitesurfers.
  • Scarborough Beach: This is an iconic and well-loved beach in Perth. With the beautiful scenery of an extensive stretch of fresh bleached sand and a steady burst of immense sea waves, it is a surfing paradise if you’re a veteran or an independent kitesurfer. 

Kiteboarding Lessons In Europe

There are several excellent kitesurfing spots in Europe but some are seemingly better-conditioned than others. Few examples include:

  • Flag Beach, Fuerteventura: Situated few kilometers from Corralejo, this approximately 7km stretch of beach with consistent cross-shore wind offers an excellent kiteboarding condition. Having protections of waves and flat water and waves accessible in most tides and winds, it suits all categories of kiters. The Flag Beach Watersports Centre is one of the most preferred kite schools in Fuerteventura as it offers you kitesurfing lessons in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Praia do Guincho, Portugal: The famous Guincho is few kilometers from Lisbon the Portuguese capital city. Due to the big swells and burst of strong waves coming from the Atlantic, conditions here will generally suit you if you’re an expert kitesurfer. If you’re interested in kiteboarding lessons or guidance in Guincho Beach, SB Kiteboarding is recommended.

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How long does it take to learn?

When you hear that learning to kitesurf might take between 6 to 12 hours of lessons, take this with a pinch of salt. In reality, like learning any new skill, it often takes some time for mastery. Therefore, it rarely takes less than 6 hours of the lesson but much more than 12 hours. But don’t let this discourage you! After all, no one is born with the ability to fly a kite.

How much do kiteboard lessons cost?

Attaining an independent level normally takes on an average between 6 to 12 hours of private lessons. Hence, depending on the number of hours you require to learn the basics and master the kiting skills, expect to spend around $500 to $1000 USD.

Is kitesurfing easier than surfing?

From the outside looking in, many who watch the two sports tend to think that surfing is the easiest of the two. However, while both surfing and kitesurfing have their respective steep learning curves, instructors generally agree that it takes more time to learn to surf.

Is it a good workout?

In reality, kitesurfing requires power, balance, coordination, stability along core strength. It is a blend of resistance exercises and aerobics, which facilitates body toning, an increase of physical strength, maintenance of balanced weight – all of which burn calories and keeps a healthy heart.

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