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Beginner Kiteboarders Rescued in the Netherlands

31 kiteboarders were rescued in Rockanje (near Rotterdam) in the Netherlands.

Due to a sudden disappearance of wind, a large number of wind-sports participants had to be removed from the water by local lifeguards teams on February 20, 2021.

All of the 31 riders and kites were kept afloat in the cold waters of 39 degrees F (4 degrees Celsius) by strong currents and a lack of wind.
Local reports indicate that many of the rescuers were inexperienced kiteboarders who had little knowledge about wind and weather.
The Rockanje rescue crew responded quickly and did not suffer any serious injuries. Many riders were unable to return to shore after the sudden wind drop of approximately 17 to 12 knots. They were too far out.
It didn’t help that the wind direction was either side-shore or side-offshore.
“It was an unusual situation for lifeguards. The Rockanje Rescue Brigade explained that we had in one day the same number of rescues as in a year.”

It looked at first glance like a beautiful spring day; the perfect setting to remove the dust from the kites, but quickly shifted to unsafe weather conditions.

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