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If you are looking for kitesurf classes in Australia then you won’t be disappointed as there are a number of schools along the coastal and inland states.

Unique Autralia Kitesurfing Schools

While many of the bigger kitesurfing outfits may only operate within specific areas, you can find plenty of smaller operators based around the more popular tourist areas such as Perth, Katoomba, and Surfers Paradise in Western Australia.

These smaller kitesurfing companies and shops tend to have a lot more fun and less pressure than their larger counterparts, so you can generally get a more personal service from them. 

While kitesurfing is predominantly an oceanic sport, there are some coastal beache worth checking out around Australia where waves can be particularly productive. You can have a look at the lessons that the kitesurfing companies can offer.

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it at least once. The great thing about kitesurfing is that it combines some of the best aspects of surfing, windsurfing, and swimming into one, all-encompassing sport.
It combines the best elements of water sports with some of the best aspects of dry land surfing, making it a unique activity. If you’ve always wanted to get into this type of surfing, or if you are just thinking about trying this new water sport, then read on to find out how to achieve your goals.

Learn Kiteboarding In Perth

In Perth, well renowned kitesurfing trainer, Melvyn Bragg, has been teaching the sport for 20 years and is well regarded in the industry.

While lessons are available across the eastern and western coastlines of the country, you should be aware that there may be some classes available only in the warmer parts of the country.

Bayside Kitesurfing In Perth

In Perth, the kitesurfing school, Bayside Kitesurfing, offers a course from May to October. The course includes lessons on basic kitesurfing technique; the basics of how to hang onto the kite, and the finer points of maneuvering through the water. Kitesurfing classes in Perth tend to run a little longer than elsewhere, as the warm weather makes the ocean conditions a bit more challenging.

While the school cannot give you any real tricks on paper, they adapt the lessons to the needs of each student. The instructors talk extensively about the physics of kitesurfing, and about the benefits of wearing a wetsuit. A wetsuit gives you good protection!

Perth’s Winds Are Any Good?

The instructors also explain how the wind, air, and water mix together to create special waves that are impossible to create in other kinds of water sports, and they provide plenty of tips for taking to the waves in your kitesurfing tubes.
Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport, but it has gained popularity in recent years. More people are discovering the pleasures and relaxation benefits of kitesurfing and other water sports.
One of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, Perth, offers a wide array of activities for both locals and tourists. It can help you learn this fun water activity while you stay at one of Perth’s fabulous resorts.

Competitive Water Sports In Perth & Western Australia

When you think about the beaches of Western Australia, the first thing that probably comes to mind is clear blue waters and clear blue surf. Well, these days Perth is host to a vibrant water sport community, featuring competitive surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing and a slew of other activities as well.

Perth International Surf School

The renowned International Surf School in Perth is one of the most popular surfing schools in Western Australia, and is home to world renowned surfers like Jamie O’Brien, Dean Potter and Kelly Geary. No matter how you enjoy surfing, if you take a kitesurfing lesson there in Perth, you are sure to get an expert-level instruction that will make your watersport dream a reality.

Famous Beaches Of Perth

The beaches of Western Australia are famous around the world for their stunning beauty. Perth has some of the best beaches in the world. Many tourists come to Australia just to take in the beauty of the northern beaches, but others take kitesurf classes because they know that Perth has some of the best surf on earth.
It’s not uncommon to find hundreds of eager enthusiasts in wetsuits waiting for the best waves to hit the shore.

Wind Direction In Perth Offering Steady Surfing

When you are on the ocean, wind is a constant aspect of your travel, and you can never tell when the surf will hit the beach. The winds that blow across Western Australia are mostly from the southeast, although the north and west winds also produce large swells. 

Kitesurfing an ideal sport to learn about in Perth. Once you have learned to kitesurf, you will never forget the experience because it is something that you will be able to use for life.

Rent Safe Kitesurfing Equipment

The equipment you need will be different from that of other water sports. You’ll need floatation that are sturdy and light, as well as a (normally bidirectional)  board that has been made to withstand the impact of the water.

Although kitesurfing is a somewhat safe water sport, you still need to wear a helmet and other protective gear. Many beginners start out with rented gear, but once they learn how to kitesurf, they buy their own equipment.

Rentals can be found throughout Western Australia – the more popular spots are along the south coast.

One-on-one Kitesurfing Lessons In Australia (Perth)

There are several locations where kitesurfing lessons can be found. These lessons are usually offered in small groups so that people who are learning can also get some one-on-one time with an instructor to help them learn faster.

Experienced kiteboarders often come into these classes ready to teach others. This way, the teacher may have a different job to do with each student, since most are on different skill levels.

Some of the best schools in Western Australia offer lessons using wave pools/lakes. That way, you get guaranteed waves while learning to surf (see video). 

Perth Offering Safe Kitesurfing For Beginners

The water is clear, unlike other parts of Western Australia that experience large swells, and the instructors take the students through their technique right up to the point where they can actually step in the water and start riding independently.

Of course, no instruction is truly complete without someone demonstrating it to you. Perth offers a wide range of professional kitesurfing lessons, including practical and theoretical sessions, where you can first learn and watch, and soon begin to kitesurf independently. 

While this may seem like all there is to know about this sport, it is very important for the beginner to realize that they need to be shown the basics, including some theory, before trying it for themselves.

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