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AKS Araruama Kiteschool | Basic Kiteboard Training In Brazil

AKS Araruama Kiteschool started in 2014, but the program is not new to Benoit. He and his brother Étienne learned kiteboarding in Araruama when they were kids, but they later moved on to windsurf. Benoit was the only one to continue in kiteboarding, while his brother focused on windsurfing and eventually moved back to Araruama where he established Espace Akura resort.

Learn The Basics Of Kiteboarding At Araruama

Kiteboarding is not like windsurfing and surfing, but you do not need to be an expert in one of those sports to start a new adventure with kitesurfing. The instructors at AKS Araruama and the school’s students show you the basics: how to prepare for a lesson, what to wear, how to strap your kite to your board, and how to practice the movements you will perform in a kitejump.

Move On To Freestyle Surfing

After learning a bit, you are offered a kiteboard lesson so you can test the waters and progress from the basic turns to freestyle. The instructors get to know you during a kiteboarding lesson and you will feel at ease because everyone has the same goal: to learn how to fly a kiteboard safely, so that you can enjoy the sport and explore its fun side.

Upgraded Kitesurf-boards (Akura boards)

When Benoit met his friend Marcel to show him the prototype of the “Akura” kitesurf boards, they decided to go into business together, so they could give Akura boards to all their friends and family.
After 3 years of hard work, the boards are finally ready and now they are available for pre-order, at a discounted price, for only €495. The retail price for the boards is set at €599.00, but they can be rented at Akura or through the kite schools in Araruama.
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AKS Araruama Kiteschool | Basic Kiteboard Training In Brazil
Av. Joaquim Antunes Marinho
Araruama 28970-000
Phone: (229) 9969-8090