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414 Kitesurf School | Watersport Training In Como (Italy)

414 Kitesurf School’s sole goal is to help students ride quickly and safely. They educate their students and provide a fun learning environment. They also offer IKO-certified courses that are specifically designed to make the kiting experience not only fun but also safe.


Rent Or Use Your Own Kitesurf Equipment

You can enroll in classes that are entirely geared for newbies, or you can bring your own surf equipment (unless you want to rent it) and ride more independently.


Training is offered at most levels, from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. Ride independently or more in a group setting. The trainers are ready to take you to the next level. New gear from top brands is being used.


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414 Kitesurf School | Watersport Training In Como (Italy)
Via Statale Gera Lario
Como 22010
Phone: (787) 327-295