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360 Sudr | Training Kiteboarding In Egypt

Great Surfing Spots At Ras Sudr

360 is a unique kitesurfing spot in the heart of Ras Sudr, where kiters have the option of going out on the flat waters of our lagoon or hitting the waves in the open water.


Beginner and advanced kiters alike can benefit from equipment rental; 360 offers the latest gear at competitive prices.


360 Sudr Kitesurfing Winds and Views

Ras Sudr typically enjoys wind all year round, and 360 is no exception. On those days where you’re left praying for wind, come enjoy the spectacular 360 views at the best of what Ras Sudr has to offer.


360 Sudr | Training Kiteboarding In Egypt
RA's Matarma
Ras Sedr Egypt
Phone: (111) 794-9666