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Kitesurfing Schools Worldwide

[We have added and reviewed all the listed schools to ensure that they are all in operations.  Since we cannot check the schools which has no web site, we'll keep them on the list until 2008 only.  Please notify us if your school is currently on the list but has no web site associated with it]

To reduce automated spam, we have replaced all the "@" signs in the email addresses of all the schools on this page by "[O]".  The email links will work, just make sure you change the "[O]" sign in the email addresses back to "@" before sending.

This is a listing of the kitesurfing schools in the world. The schools are listed in their respective regions (Canada, US, Europe, Pacific Rim, etc.).  To help readers to find the schools in a region, the schools are normally sorted by Country, Province/State and City/Town and then Name.

If you have a kite school, you may also want to read the "Open Source" Kite Teaching Methodology (KTM) and request to add your school to the list of the manufacturers, distributors, schools and organizations endorsing KTM.

This page is only updated once a while, if you have a school or know of any school, please contact us and provide the info of the new school to be added or modified (please include School Name, Location, Email Contact, Web Site URL and KTM endorsement if applicable).  We will then post all new schools to be added immediately to (go there to view the newly posted  schools).  The newly posted schools will be added to this list in the next update to this page (we'll try to to this more often in the future).

The listed schools are not necessarily associated with nor endorsed by the Kitesurfing School web site.

  1. Africa

  2. Asia & Pacific Rim

  3. Australia & New Zealand

  4. Canada

  5. Caribbean, Mexico & Sourth America

  6. Europe & Middle East

  7. Hawaii

  8. US (Mainland)



School Name Location and Contact Info Web Site
High As A Kite Location:       Calgary, Alberta

Email:            info[O] Location:       Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Email:            jeff[O]
Rockymountain Kiting Location:       Canmore, Alberta

Email:            kiter[O] 
Kiteboarding Canada Location:       Edmonton, Alberta

Email:            Mike[O]
Full Mobile Location:       Victoria British Colombia

Email:           strongkiteboarding[O] 
Shippagan Club Wind & Kite Location:  Shippagan, New Brunswick

Email:       info[O]
Shippagan Kiteboard Center Location:  Shippagan, New Brunswick



My Newfoundland Adventures Location:  Newfoundland

Email:      iceberg[O] 
KitesurfingSchool.Org Ottawa (VL Kites) Location:       Ottawa, Ontario

Email:            info[O]

613 292 9818

Sauble Beach Kite Surfing School Location:        Sauble Beach, Ontario

Email:            mailto:daniel[O]
KiteAddict Location:       Toronto, Ontario

Email:            info[O] 
Surf Culture Canada kiteboarding Location:       Windsor, Ontario

Email:           tim[O] 
Aérosport Carrefour d'Aventures Location:      Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec

Email:           info[O] 
Absolute Air Addict Location:      Montréal, Iles de la Madeleine, Québec

Email:          info[O]

(514) 806-7001

(418) 937-1620

Global Kiteboarding Location:      Montreal, Quebec

Email:          bodomueller[O]
Kite Extreme Location:      Montreal, Quebec

Email:          Info[O]

514 831-5483

Original Kiteboard Location:      Montreal, Quebec

Email:          originalkiteboard[O]

514 808 5746
Recreational Flight Location:      Montreal, Quebec

Email:           submit[O]


ParaSki Flex Schools in Canada

ParaskiFlex is a special type of kite used mainly in the winter for kiteskiing.  Following are the ParaskiFlex schools in Canada:
  1. ParaskiFlex Lac St Francois , Valleyfield ,Quebec, Canada, J6S 1W6, paraski[O],

  2. Paraskiflex Lac St-Louis, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, armand_trahan[O] 

  3. Ecole Paraskiflex l'anse Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, Vaudreuil-sur-le Lac, paraskiflex[O] 

  4. Ecole Paraskiflex Lac St-Pierre Trois Rivières Quebec Canada, wax[O], 

  5. École ParaskiFlex St-Sulpice St-Sulpice Quebec, Canada, collinsdaniel[O] 

  6. École Paraskiflex Lac Maskinongé Laval, Quebec, Canada, sharksco[O] 

  7. École ParaskiFlex PUVIRNITUK Hudson Bay ,Quebec, marc_antoine_soucy[O] 

  8. École Paraskiflex Outaouais Hull Quebec,Canada,

  9. École Paraskiflex Lac St-Charles Quebec, Quebec, Canada, 

  10. École paraskiflex Vent-en-Fête Hawkesbury Ontario, Canada, levaque[O],

  11. École Paraskiflex Kapuskasing Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, guihome[O] 

  12. École Paraskiflex St-Ambroise Saguenay/Lac St-Jean, Quebec Canada, ride302[O] 

  13. École ParaskiFlex Shippagan Caraqquet New Brunswick, Canada, olafdidi[O] 

  14. École paraskiflex Lac Témiscouata Dégélis Quebec, Canada, 

  15. École Paraskiflex Baie De Rimouski Rimouski, Quebec Canada, paraski[O] 

  16. École Paraskiflex Baie des Chaleurs Maria, Quebec, Canada, 

  17. École Paraskiflex Baie Comeau Baie Comeau, quebec, Canada, louis_hop[O] 

  18. École Paraski Kinears Mills, Quebec .Canada paraski[O]

  19. École paraskiflex Lac Malartic Malartic, Quebec , Canada, bobplane[O] 

  20. École Paraskiflex, Shebrooke Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada,


Caribbean, Mexico & South America

School Name Location and Contact Info Web Site
Kite Antigua Location:        Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies

Email:             nik[O]
Aruba active Vacation Location:        Aruba

Email:            info[O]
Kiteboarding Aruba  Location:        Aruba

Email:             Info[O]
Kiteboarding Company Location:        Netherland & Aruba

Email:             info[O]
Dare2Fly Location:        Aruba

Email:            info[O]
Bahamas Kiteboarding Location:        Nassau, Bahamas

Email:            info[O]
cross-shore Location:       Nassau, Bahamas

Email:           xshore[O]

1(242) 393 3261

The kitehouse Bahamas Location:       Bahamas

Email:            thekitehousebahamas[O]
Kitesurfing Belize Location:       Belize

Email:           info[O]
Hi-Life Kitesurf School Location:       Cumbuco Beach, Brazil

Email:           info[O]
Kite Club Preá Location:       Jericoacaora, Ceara Brazil

Email:            info[O]

email:             thehand[O] 
Jerry Kitesurfing School Location:       Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Email:            jeb[O] 
Rio Kitesurf Location:        Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Email:            info[O]

+55 21 8253 0222

Dare2Fly Location:       Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Email:             info[O] 
KITE CLUB CABARETE Location:        Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Email:            info[O] 

(809) 571-9748

Kitexcite Location:        Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Email:             info[O]
Kite Lounge Location:        Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Email:            info[O]
Laurel Estman Kiteboarding Location:       Carabete, Dominican Republic

Email:            info[O] 
Ride (Extreme Hotel) Location:       Carabete, Dominican Republic

Email:            info[O]

001 809 907 9705

ACTION KITE CARAIBES Location:        Guadeloupe (France)

E-Mail:           surfm[O]
TURKOISE KITE'S COOL Location:       Guadeloupe (France)

Email:             tkcool[O]
Kitesufguatemala Location:       Guatemala

Email:            info[O]
Captain Kirk's
Location:       La Ventana, Baja, Mexico

Email:           ckirks[O] (contact Mel)
Kitemasters Kiteschool and Demo Center Location:       La Ventana, Baja, Mexico

Sheldon Kiteboarding Location:      La Ventana, Baja, Mexico

Email:           bruce[O]
International Kiteboarding School Location:       Isla Blanca, Cancun, Mexico

Email:            f.even[O]
Comzumel Kiteboarding Location:       Cozumel, Mexico

Email:            adrian[O]
Take Off International Location:       Isla Holbox, Mexico

Email:           info[O]
Ikarus Kiteboarding School Location:       Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Email:           contacto[O] 
Kiteboarding Paradise Location:       Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Email:           kite[O]

52 9847454555

Sea Sol Beach Location:       Sea Sol Beach, Panama City, Panama

Email:           seasolbeach[O]

+ (507) 6689-1262

KiteboardingPR Location:       San Juan, Puerto Rico

Email:            kiteboardingpr[O] 
KitesurfPR Location:        Punta Las Marias, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Email:             kitesurfpr[O]
Velauno Location:         Puerto Rico

Email:              jaime.e[O] 
Tornado Kite & Surf St. Lucia Location:        Anse de Sables - Vieux Fort- St. Lucia (W. I.)

Email:             office[O] 
Club Nathalie Simon St Martin Location:       St. Martin

Email:             wind-adventures[O]



School Name Location and Contact Info Web Site
Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks Location:        Kailua, Hawaii

Email:             watersports[O]
Action Sports Maui Location:        Maui, Hawaii

Email:             action[O]
Alan Cadiz's HST Location:        Maui, Hawaii

Email:             Patti[O]
Kiteboarding School of Maui Location:        Maui, Hawaii

Email:             martin[O]


US (Mainland)

School Name Location and Contact Info. Web Site
Kite Island Location:      Bethel Island, Sacramento, CA

Email:           ride[O]
Xtreamline Sports Location:      Cabrillo Beach, CA

Email:           kaminskas[O]

Calikites Location:      Coronado, CA

Email:           Brian[O]
Lake Tahoe Kiteboarding Location:      Lake Tahoe and Central Coast California

Email:           info[O] 
Captain Kirk's
Location:      Los Angeles, CA

Email:           ckirks[O] (contact Mel)
Malibu Kitesurfing Location:      Malibu, CA

Email:           info[O] 
MonkeyAir kitsurfing Location:      Malibu, CA

Email:           traigtrumbo[O]
Action Watersports Location:      Marina del Rey, CA

Email:           team[O]
Manta Water Sports, Kiteboarding Location:      San Diego, California

Email:           MantaWatersports[O] 
Mission Bay Aquatic Center Location:     San Diego, CA

Email:           mbac[O] 
Sheldon Kiteboarding Location:      Rio Vista, California

Email:           bruce[O]
West Coast Kiteboarding Location:      San Diego, CA

Email:           info[O]
Board Sport Location:      Alameda and San Francisco, CA

Email:          info[O]
Kite Wind Surf Location:     San Francisco Bay, California

email:          info[O]
Out Of The Office Kite School Location:      SF Bay Area, CA

Email:           paul[O]
Xtreme Big Air Location:      Shell Beach, CA

Email:           kinsley[O]
Onshore Kites Location:      Venice Beach, CA

Email:           mayer[O] 

Kitetricity Kitesurfing School Location:      Central Florida - Brevard County - Melbourne Area

Email:           info[O] 
East Coast Kiteboarding Location:      Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Email:          eckiteboarding[O] 
WaterSport Unlimited Inc. Location:      FT. Lauderdale, FL

Email:           CKFLYER[O]
Sea & Sky Sports Location:      Fort Walton Beach, FL

Email:           michael[O]
Extreme Sports Florida Keys Location:      Islamorada, Florida Keys

Email:   info[O]
Kite Surf the Earth Location:      Key West, Flordia

Email:           info[O] Location :    Matheson Hammock Park, Miami, FL

Email:           miguel[O] 
Big Kite Location:     Miami , Florida and the Rest of U.S

Email:          lnfo[O] Location:      Miami, Florida

Email:           info[O]
Sky Banditz Int'l Location:      Miami, Florida

Email:           fjescudero[O] 

305 947 8454 or 786 290 4585
Kitesurfing Of N.W. Florida Location:      Pensacola Beach, Florida

Email:           Jodiane[O]

Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Location:      Tampa Bay, FL

Email:        eagle[O]
3-2-1 Kite school Location:      Tierra Verde, FL

Email:           jeff[O]
Learn To Kiteboard Location:      Western Florida including Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Penillas County, St.Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota, FL.

email:           info[O]


Chicago Kitesurfing Location:      Chicago, IL

Email:           bcruz[O]
Leading Edge Kite School Location:      Boston, MA

Email:           mike[O] 
Air Support Location:      Cape Code, MA

Email:           Kitecod[O]


Fun Seekers Location:      Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA

Email:           wearefunseekers[O] 
Skyhigh Kiteboarding School Location:      Martha's Vineyard, MA

Email:           begle[O] 
Sky Kitesurfing School Location:      Nantucket, MA

Email:           christian[O] 
Powerline Sports Location:     Salisbury, MA

Email:          school[O]
All Tri-State Kites Location:      US- East Cost - NJ,NY,CT,RI and MA

Email:           odagan[O]
LAKAWA Location:      MPLS, MN

Email:           tighe[O]
Kitty Hawk Kites Location:      Avon on Hatteras Island, NC

Email:           chris[O]
RealKiteboarding school Location:      Cape Hatteras, NC, Summit County (snow) and Burlington VT

Email:           trip[O]
Ride Hatteras Location:      Hatteras, NC

Email:           charlie[O]
Extreme Windsurf Location:      Atlantic City, NJ

Email:           KarabaszJP[O]
Island Surf and Sail Location:      Long Beach Island, NJ

Email:           store[O] 
Powerline Sports Location:    Long Branch, NJ

Email:          kevin[O]


Green Hat Kiteboarding Location:      Sandy Hook, NJ

Email:          info[O]
NY KITEBOARD Location:      Newyork City, NY

Email:          rick[O] 


Kite The Gorge Location:      Hood River, OR

Email:          kite[O]


New Wind Kiteboarding School Location:      Hood River, Oregon

Email:           newwind[O]
Sky Kitesurfing School Location:      Newport, RI

Email:          christain[O] 
Air Company Location:      Mount Pleasant, SC, US

Email:          info[O] 


Air Padre Kiteboarding Location:      South Padre Island, TX

Email:           info[O] 
Pro Kitesurf Location:      Corpus Christi, Texas

Email:           info[O]
South Coast Kiteboarding Location:      Corpus Christi, Texas

Email:          ryan[O]
4 Winds 7 Seas Locations: SPI, TX (spring and fall)... Michigan (summer)... Florida (winters) Location:      South Padre Island, Texas

Email:         rvillate[O] Location:      South Padre Island, Texas

Email:           bpadz[O]   
Utah Kite Boarding Location:     Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, Springville, Utah

Email:          info[O] 
WindFlow Sports Location:      Sammamish, Washington

Email:           jake[O]
Kite Riders Location:      Madison, WI

Email:          bob[O]


Europe & Middle east

School Name Location and Contact Info. Web Site
Fun & Sail Location:       Austria, Podersdorf, Neusiedler See
Email:            dieter.raditsch[O]
Belgian Kitesurf School Location:      Belgium

Email:           chelsema[O] or 
YellowCat Kiteboarding Location:      Brac Island, Croatia

Email:            kite[O]
Cyprus Kitesurfing school Location:      Cyprus

Email:           cykite[O]
Makwind Kitesurfing School Cyprus Location: Cyprus

Email: m.makedonas[O]
Xtremewinds Location:     Saariselka-Finland

Email:          info[O]
Kite Des Sables Location:      Bretagne, FRANCE

Email:           kitedessables[O] 
Sensation Kite Location:      St. Malo, Bretagne, FRANCE

Email:          contact[O]
Gliss-Kite Location:       Font d'Urle, Drôme, France

Email:            postmaster[O] 
FREEKITE Location:       Lac du Monteynard et Antilles, France

Email:            freekite26[O]
Zeph' Control Location:        48 rue des bains - Houlgate - France
Email:             zephshop[O]
Kitezone St.Pierre-la-Mer, Sudwindsports Location:        St.Pierre-la-Mer, Languedoc Roussillon, France

Email:            info[O]
Wolfe-Design Flysurf school Location:       Le Teich, France

Email:  [O]

Axel' Air Location:      Near Montpellier, France

Email:           contact[O]
Club nautique de Naussac Langogne Location:       Naussac-Langogne, France

Email:            cnnl48[O]
CLINIQUE DE LA PLANCHE Location:       Caen, Normandie,France

Email:            Info[O]

KITEN-LERNEN.DE Location:       Fischland-Darss, Born, Germany

Email:             info[O]
Kitecoach Location:       Fehmarn, Germany

Email:             kontakt[O]
Kitesurfingschule-charchulla auf Fehmarn Location:       Fehmarn, Germany

Email:            weltenbumler[O]
UP WIND Location:       Germany/ Schleswig Holstein/
Kiel, St. Peter Ording, Fehmarn

E mail:           Kitekurs[O]
Windgeister Fehmarn Location:        Fehmarn, Germany

Email:             windgeister[O]
Kiteschule-kiel Location:       Kiel - Germany

Email:            kiteschule[O]
Kite & Surf Club Location:       Fischland Darss, Zingst, Germany

E-mail:           kiteworld[O]
Kitesurfschool KiteMobile Location:       Europa - Holland

Contact:        stefarius[O]
CAMIKITE C&N Location:      Lake Garda, Italy

Email:           camikite[O] 
Waterproof Kiteboarding Location:       Lake Garda, Italy

Email:           mail[O]
H2O sport Location:       Tuscany, Follonica, Italy

Email:            info[O]
KiteSicilia Location:       Sicily-Pozzallo, Italy

Email:            info[O] 
Kitesurf Salerno Location:        Italy

Email:            info[O]
CHIA WIND CLUB - NAISH OFFICIAL CENTER Location:       Sardinia Island, Italy

Email:           clubchia[O] or
Wet Dreams Kitesurfing School Location:       Sardinia,Italy

Email:           info[O]
KSI - Kite Surf Italia Location:       Veneto, Italy

Email:             info[O]
Freegull Location:       Israel - Caesareal

Email:             freegull[O]
Kitesurfing Malta Location:       Mellieha Malta

Email:            kitesurfingmalta[O] 
Surf-n-Soul Location:       Oostvoorne, Netherland

Email:             info[O]
Kiteboarding Company Location:        Netherland

Email:             info[O]
Kitesite Location:       Netherland

Email:             info[O]
Eolis Location:        Tavira, Algarve, Portugal

Email:            geral[O]

South Adventures Kite school & Trips Location:       Algarve, Portugal

Email:           info[O]

E-MAIL:        riactiva[O]

KITE TEMPLE Location:       Lisbon, Portugal

E-mail:          school[O]
Fyworks Location:      St. Pere Pescador, Costa Brava, Spain

E-mail:         info[O]
Extreme Sports Cafe Location:      Empuria Brava, Spain

Email:           steve[O] 
Wildcoast Kitesurfing Location:      Empuria Brava, Spain

Email:          info[O]
Flag Beach Location:       Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Email:            info[O] 
Kiteboarding School of Fuerteventura Location:       Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Email:            info[O]
Magma Kitesurf Centre Location:       Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Email:           info[O]
Redshark Location:       Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Email:           info[O]
Graciosa Kite Center Location:       Isla Graciosa, Canary Islands, Spain

Email:            Gabriele[O]
CalimaSurf Location:        Lanzarote (Canry Islands) Spain

Email:            info[O]
Costa Noroeste Lanzarote Kiteboarding Academy Location:        Lanzarote (Canry Islands) Spain

Email:            info[O] 
Garbi Escola Nautica Location:        Barcelona, Siges, Spain

Email:            info[O]
Global Kite Location:        Barcelona, Castelldefels, SPAIN

Email:             marc[O]
DRAGON TARIFA, Kitesurfing School Location:        Tarifa, Spain

E-mail:           office[O]

0034 660 882 710

Hotstick Location:        Tarifa, Spain

E-mail:           kite[O]
KiteSweden Location:        Luleå, Sweden

Email:             info[O] Location:        Biere, Switzerland

Email:            Info[O] 
FREESTYLE-SHOP / KiteSchool Location:       Switzerland

E-Mail:          info[O] 
Swiss Snowkiting School Location:       Switzerland

Email:            info[O]
Kiteboarding School Location:       Cornwall, UK

Email:           info[O]
The Xtreme Academy Ltd. Location:       Watergate Bay, Cornwall, UK TR8 4AA
Email:            xacademy[O]
MOBIUS Location:       Mobile School, Cornwall, UK

Email:            info[O]
Poole Harbour Boardsailing Location:       Poole Habour, Dorset, UK

Email:            info[O]
South Coast Kitesurfing Location:       Poole, Dorset, UK

Email:           info[O]
The Waterboard Location:       Poole, Dorset, UK

Email :          info[O]
Ocean Fusion Kiteboarding Location:       Hayling Island, Ireland, UK

Email:           royce[O]
Irish KiteSurfing Association Location:       Ireland, UK

From this site, you can find the list of other schools in Ireland
Bundoran Surf Location:       co.donegal, bundoran, Ireland, UK

Email:            bundoransurfcompany[O] Location:       Lahinch, Co Clare, Ireland, UK

Email:           info[O]
X-Isle Sports Location:       Bembridge , Isle of Wight , UK

Email:           info[O]
Ride Kitesurfing School Location:       Kent, UK

Email:           info[O]
Transition Kiteboarding Location:       Kent, UK

Email:           info[O] 
NEKitesurfing Location:      England - North East

Email:           enquiries[O]
PARACADEMY Location:       Portland Harbour & Weymouth Bay,  UK

Email:            info[O]
Kite HQ Aberdeen Location:      Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Email:            majek[O] 
Airforce Kitesurfing Location:     Aindale Beach, Southport, Merseyside, UK

Email:          info[O] 
Gower Kite Riders Location :     Gower (S.WALES ) nr Swansea, U.K

Email:            info[O]
Kites On Board Location:       Camber Sands, East Sussex

E-mail:          will[O]
Torquay Kitesurfing School Location:       Torquay, UK

Email:            torquaykitesurf[O]
Big Blue Kitesurfing, and is based on  Have a look at
Location:       Newgale,
Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK.

Email:            oli[O]
Hydroextreme Location:       West Midlands, Worcestershire, Worcester, UK
                     West Wales, Gwynedd, Aberdovey, UK

Email:            info[O]


Australia & New Zealand

School Name Location and Contact Info. Web Site
Byron Bay Kiteboarding Location:      Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Email:           admin[O]
Eastcoast Kitesurf Location:      Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Email:           flyingecks[O]

0404 905432
Windnwater Action Sports Location:      Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Email:          windnwater[O]
 Newcastle Kite School Location:     Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Email:          frank[O]
Kitepower Kiteboarding Location:      Sydney, New South Wales, Autralia

Email:           sydney[O] 
Briskites Location:       Brisbane , Queensland, Australia

Email:            info[O]
Skysurf Kitesurf School Location:       Brisbane , Queensland, Australia

Email:            lynita_howie[O]
Kitesurf Gold Coast Location:       Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Email:            info[O]
GoActiv Kitesurfing Australia Location:       Boreen Point, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Email:           goactiv[O]
WindSwell Location:       Port Douglas, Queensland, AU

Email:            kitesurfportdouglas[O]
Kite Surfers Paradise Location:       Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Email:           N/A

0403 130 130

Email:           kites[O]
Red Baron Kiteboarding

Location:      Adelaide, South Australia

Email: guy[O]

0403 466 766

X-Sport Location:       Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Email:           info[O]
Kite Republic Location:       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Email:           info[O]
Kitepower Kiteboarding Location:      Geelong/Melbourne, Victoria, Autralia

Email:           geelong[O] 
Zephyr Watersports Location:      Inverloch, Victoria, Australia.

Email:           info[O] 
Australian Kiteboarding School Location:       Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Email:           info[O]
WinDesigns Australia Location:       Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Email:            ianyoung[O]

West Oz Kiteboarding
Location:      Shoalwater, Western Australia

Email:          mail[O]

0438 591 755

Groundswell Sports / Underground Kiteboarding Location:      Christchurch , South Island, New Zealand

E-mail:          info[O]
Kitescool Location:      Marahau Beach/New Zealand

Email:           info[O] 
OceanXtreme Kitesurfing Location:      Auckland, New Zealand

Email:           Andrew[O]
Ruakaka Kite Sports Location:       Ruakaka, Northland, New Zealand

Email:           info[O]


Asia & Pacific Rim

School Name Location and Contact Info. Web Site
Bali Kitesurfing Location:  Bali

Email:      jankie[O]
Fun Sport Bali Location:  Bali, Sanur

Email:      info[O]

Email:      NKiteSchool[O]


Email:      contact[O]

+ 687 77. 60. 59

Hangin Kiteboarding School Location:  Boracay Island, Philippines

Email: kiteboardingboracay[O] 
Isla Kiteboarding school Location:  Boracay Island, Philippines

Email:     ulinger[O] Location: Boracay Island, Philippines

E-mail:     info[O]
Ocean Republic Location:  Boracay, Philippines

Email:      info[O] (UK and European visitors) (Philippine and Asian visitors) 
Sasha-Watersport Location:  Reethi Beach,Maldives and Lohifushi Island Resort, Maldives

Email:       gorgia[O]
Extreme Sports Cafe Location:  Pattaya, Phuket, Hua-Hin and Chumphon - Thailand.

Email:       steve[O] 
KiteBoardingAsia Location:  Hua Hin Thailand

Email:  info[O]
Kite Thailand Location:  Phuket, Thailand

Email:   rogerkamala[O]
Cuttlebone kitesurf team Location:  South Pattaya, Thailand

Email:        tcercleron[O]
Airwaves Kitesurfing Location:  Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam

Email:       N/A
Jibe's Beach Club Location:   Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam

Email:       jibe[O]
Wind Chimes Location:  Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam

Email:      kite_vent[O]



School Name Location and Contact Info. Web Site
Surf Zone Cabo Verde Location:  Sal, Cape Verde Islands

Email: info[O]
Nosy be Kitesurf Location : Nosy be island - Madagascar

Email :     mg-tourisme[O]
Che-Shale kiteboarding Center Location:    Kenya, Africa

E-mail: che-shale[O] or kitesurfkenya[O]


+254-725 125035

H2O Extreme Location:    Kenya, Africa

Email:      extreme[O]
Kitesurf Paradise Location:    Belle - Mare - Palmar Beach, Mauritius, AFRICA

Contact:     maude-julien[O]
KITESFERA Location:   Namibie, Africa

Email:      info[O]


Suntrax Sail and Surf Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

Email:        info[O]
Windchasers Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

Email:        info[O]


Aqua Air Kiteboarding School Location:  Durban, South Africa

Email:       aquaair[O]
Cape Sport Center Location:  Langebaan lagoon, South Africa

Email:       info[O]
Windchasers Location:   Langebaan South Africa

Email:       info[O]


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