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Kitesurfing Discussion Groups

These are the Kitesurfing and related sports discussion groups and forums in the world.  Please contact us if there is any discussions groups or forums you want to add to this list.

Please note that all the Yahoo Kitesurf groups now have RSS feeds the feed for each group is normally at:

The Kitesurf Group

The legendary Kitesurf group is the original kitesurfing group created in summer 1998 by Stefano Rosso (Brazil).  As a kitesurfing pioneer, Stefano Rosso created a legendary group that has shaped the sport to its present days. Read the old messages and you will find many contributions from the kitesurfing inventors: Bruno Legaignoux (France), Cory Roeseler (US) and many other kiting pioneers: Raphael Salles (FOne, France), Dave Culps (KiteShip, US), Ian Young (Wind Designs, Australia), Ken Winner (North, US), Don Montague (Naish, Hawaii), Michel Montmigny (ConceptAir, Canada), Hung Vu (, Laurent Ness (Axel, France), etc.  Some of those pioneers are still reading the group's messages daily and some even post fairly frequently.

In 2004, Stefano was too busy with many of his businesses and have transferred the general management responsibility of the group to Hung Vu. The group is also co-moderated by Chris Glazier (Canada) and Tim Mellor (Australia).  Sign in, enjoy and live with the legend...

Other Kiting Group

Local Kitesurfing groups

Since 1999, a number of local kitesurfing groups started appearing as the kitesurfers start to become more interest in local conditions, culture and events.  Following is the known list of local kitesurfing groups in alphabetical order:

The Kitesurfing Forums

Since 2001, with the introduction of the easy to use phpBB Forum software, many kitesurfing  forums have been created.  Some of them are:

Commercial Forums

Recently, many kitesurfing manufacturers have created their own kitesurfing forums.  You can visit their main site and check out their forums for more specific information regarding their equipments.  The links to the kitesurfing equipment manufacturers can be found at kitesurfinglinks.htm#Commercial Links.  Some example ones are:


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