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Welcome to Kitesurfing School (or Kiteboarding School), one of the world's most famous and popular kitesurfing, kiteboarding information web sites.  We offer a tremendous amount of information about kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kitesnowboarding, kiteskiing, kitelandboarding, kiteskating, kiteboating, kite energy (electricity generation) and other related kiting activities.  Conceived since 1998, we now have more than 500,000 visitors from all 5 continents and millions of hits.

Kiting toward the sunset

Kiting toward the sunset
Photo by Jennifer Madore of


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Kitesurfing, or more general, kiting still is a rapidly growing family of sports.  Please bookmark this page as this site will be updated frequently to keep up with the new equipment improvements, new techniques and new experiences.  If you have visited this site in the past, please click here to view the list of all the latest modifications to this site.


The Kitesurfing School web site was conceived by Hung Vu (Saigon, Vietnam & Ottawa, Canada) and Jan Pina (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, DR) during Christmas 1998 at Cabarete and Salina, Dominican Republic.  Both Hung and Jan were pioneer kitesurfers who started learning kitesurfing in Summer, Fall 1998.  Originally, Hung and Jan wanted to create the first kitesurfing center in Dominican Republic at Salina.  After some good kiting times at Salina and Cabarete, the original idea became more ambitious and grew into, the world's first and most popular kitesurfing school web site providing free and enormous amount of information and on-line instructions to all kitesurfers, kiteboarders world-wide.  The original site was created in Spring 1999 and released on June 7, 1999.  The earliest archive of our site is on March 2, 2000 at


Photo by Steve Slaby


The information herein was originally written and then subsequently updated based on:

  • The learning experiences of Hung Vu and Jan Pina.
  • Discussion with and/or observation of other world-wide pioneer kitesurfers in action: Jan Pina (the second kitesurfer of Cabarete, DR), Terry (the first kitesurfer of Cabarete, DR), Antonio Esteban (the third kitesurfer of DR), Cory Roeseler (the kitewaterskiing inventor, US), Teresa Roeseler (Cory's better half, US), Mathew (Cory's friend, US), Andre (Cory's student, Germany), Royce (a pioneer Maui, Hawaii kitesurfer, US), Mauricio (a pioneer Maui, Hawaii kitesurfer, US), Ian Young (the first Australian kitesurfer), Alex Gillian (owner of Stonker, Australia), Ben Merkenhof (Kitesurfing pioneer in New Castle, Australia), Mat Colefax (the first Australian kite distributor), Kane Hartil (New Zealand, the first sponsored rider for Peter Lynn Kites, 1999 Australian Kite Surf Challenge Champion), Stephanie (Kane's girl friend, New Zealand), Dave (Kiteboard Headquarter, Australia), Josh Young (the first kitesurfer of Tampa Bay probably of Florida, USA), Michel Montmigny (owner of ConceptAir, Quebec, Canada) and many other pioneer kitesurfers. Private e-mails with a number of kitesurfers world-wide.
  • Contributions from many kitesurfers world wide especially from Jan Pina, Stefano Rosso (the first kitesurfer of Brazil, the legendary creator of the world famous Kitesurf group), Mark Frasier (Kitesurfing FAQ contributor, USA), Chris Glazier ( contributor, associated moderator of the legendary Kitesurf, Ksurfschool and CanKitesurf groups, Vancouver, Canada), Rick Iossi (the kitesurfing safety guru, founder of FKA Inc., Florida, USA) and many others.
  • Direct links to how-to and tricks videos (originally from the video "The Complete Kiteboarding Guide - Mark Shinn") provided by Ronny Basso (Norway) at
  • Discussions on the legendary Kitesurf, KsurfSchool mailing lists and the various KiteSurf forums.
  • The wonderful kite and kitesurfing web sites, blogs in the world.
  • Comments, suggestions and corrections from many kitesurfers worldwide.

Kitesurfer Population World Wide

The very rough estimated number of kitesurfers at any given time is 30% to 40% of the total number of visitors to  So there are now roughly 150,000 to 200,000 kitesurfers world wide.  For kiter population growth in the last few years, check our Lastest Modifications section as we recorded the number of visitors each year.

The following graph shows the kiter population distribution world wide based on traffic the week of Jan 6, 2007 to Jan 12, 2007 (courtesy of Google Analytic).  There were 1707 kiter locations world-wide accessing during that period and a larger circle indicates more kiters at that location.  The most crowded regions are Europe and North America East Coast.

Kitesurfer population location world wide
Click here for a larger image

Who are the kitesurfers?  Almost everyone!  Even "Charlie" now kitesurfs (check out this interesting video posted on

Kitesurfing with Charlie Chaplin


Kiteskiing with a Flat LEI

Winterlude 2007 Kite Demonstration

Winterlude 2006 Kite Demonstration

Winterlude 2005 Kite Demonstration

Trailhead Kite Presentation

  • To provide quality information readily available on the Net to help learning kitesurfing, kiteskiing, kitesnowboarding and kitelandboarding easier and safer.
  • To help to improve kiting equipment and techniques.
  • To help identifying kite sports as a family of environment friendly sports
  • To help exploring the potential of using kites as sources of kite energy to generate electricity for future generations.

What can you do to help?

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Photo by Steve Slaby

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  • Send us your kitesurfing photos or videos to be posted on
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What about kitesurfing, kiteboarding safety?

There have been known fatal accidents while kitesurfing so for kitesurfing or any other disciplines of power kiting, safety has to be taken seriously.  It is recommended that you take lesson from a reputable local kitesurfing school.  If you have to learn kitesurfing all by yourself, make sure that you have read and fully understood the Safety section before attempting to kitesurf.

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"Open Source" Web Site is an "open source" web site and the information in this web site can be copied and used for any purposes including commercial as long as the following conditions are met:

  • For each page, there must be clear indications that the information originates from and proper credit must be given to the authors.

  • The information from this web site and any derivative of it must be freely accessible to everyone at no charge.

  • All derivative works (and any subsequent derivatives thereof) based on the original information on this web site are also deemed to be "open source" and can be copied, used by everyone in the same manner as the original works.  There must be clear indications on each page of all the derivative works that the information originate from and proper credits must be given to the authors.

  • Some information on this web site (only a small part) belongs to and/or copyrighted by the others (normally indicated explicitly).  These information are private copyrighted property unless explicitly specified as "open source".  Please contact us for clarification whenever in doubt.

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